Sunday, December 22, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside

Seriously, so fracking cold that I walk around hunched and tense like I'm expecting to get punched in the face – which is what breathing felt like yesterday when I walked to the bus stop for the last time this year. As I sit here it's -29°C (-37°C with the wind chill) – but still we will don our touques and scarves and highly unattractive ski mitts, wearing three jackets and probably tights under my jeans (which I hate like nothing else) to get the oversized can of chick peas that I plan on giving my good friend Gavin at his birthday party tonight. We have a long standing tradition of giving each other ridiculous birthday gifts like boxes of cheerios or a regifted 3-D puzzle. Usually I grab something out of my pantry, but I spotted the giant can of hummus-makings in the window the Swadesh super market bathed in a sunbeam – like angels were guiding me to the perfect gag-gift (Gavin is famous for his hummus). He'll think it's funny.

I've been concentrating very intently on my new year's dress (post to come–here's a sneak peek).

It has been quite a journey into over-fitting, franken-patterning, and then over-fitting correction (as much as I could anyway). I'm at the hemming stage and late last night, I decided to reward myself by cutting into the thick flannel plaid I bought in SanFran this summer. That's right, folks! I'm going to attempt a Christmas miracle by trying to finish sewing an entire shirt by Monday while also fitting in Christmas shopping and cleaning the house before we head out of town on Tuesday. It's just so cold that I wanted a snuggly shirt to wear while laying around the house Christmas-style reading and knitting a new toque and scarf (post to come).

I used my tnt shirt pattern and managed to rotate out the back neck dart using this tutorial from to move that pesky shoulder dart so I wouldn't have to deal with it in my plaid.

The button placket, pockets/flaps, back yoke, and cuffs on the bias. I was going to do the collar or collar stand too, but decided it didn't need to be for some reason. I have a little extra fabric in case I change my mind. 

Update: I wrote this post yesterday and then didn't finish or post it. I'm happy to say that I just may finish this thing by tomorrow. I just have the sleeves and collar (already constructed) attachment left. Merry Christmas everyone!