Sunday, July 15, 2012


In case anyone is interested, I'm posting my costumes from The Producers.  I wish I could show you all of them. For those of you who've seen the stage show or the movie. You can imagine the amount of work that goes into some of these.

I had 7 costumes and 2 wigs. Most cast members had a list that was fairly similar. 
First nighter: 

As Ulla: 

Funny story: In not one, but two performances, my microphone pack (about the size of your palm) which was clipped onto my tights, slipped off and slid down my back, settling in the bum area of my leotard for almost the entire scene and my one solo song, giving new meaning to "If You Got It, Flaunt It". Thank goodness for fringe.

Your basic infinity dress with extra circle added in the skirt and a slit up to my waist with matching dance-panties:

This costume was completely hand made (not by me thank goodness). It includes a bodysuit, wings, a cape/tail, hip belt and eagle hat. There was a lot of specially engineered elements in this one. 

This one was worn for no more than 1or 2 minutes on stage. It is also completely hand made and was repurposed from Cinderella's ball gown from a couple of years ago. I wore that dress in a preview but was not cast as Cinderella, so there's actually two of the bodices in existence, one that fits me without the super bra, and one that fit the girl who played Cinderella and incidentally me with the super bra. The skirt/belt were remade from the ball gown to fit the established "Ulla" silhouette of narrow skirt with front drape.

The rio costume I made is shown here

My final and favourite costume: 

Why favourite? Sequins of course. Seriously, who couldn't love black sequined booty shorts topped with a semi-transparent striped sequined top? No sarcasm here. If I could have sequins on all of my clothes, I would be a happy lady. 

I encourage any of you to sew for your local community theatre group. They need you, and it doesn't have to be a huge commitment. Sometimes, all you have to do is sew some easy aprons or a bunch of buttons. The more volunteers they have, the easier it is for everyone, and you usually get a free ticket to the show where you can sit back and say, " I made that!"

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