Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dinghy Dress and So (sew??) Much More

It's been a long while since I've posted. A LOT has happened.
• went on holiday, was sick on holiday, went hiking on holiday, got hailed on while hiking. boooo.
• finished bathing suit, wore bathing suit, bathing suit did not fall off. sucess.
• tried to finish ufo pants. ufo pants are now unwearable muslin. I will show you soon because everyone needs a good laugh.
• I did not win the trip to Italy this year that I won last year, but I DID WIN tickets to Saturday Night Live yesterday. 'gasp'.

...and I sewed some stuff, and I'm planning on sewing a lot more.

When I think about all of the posts I have to write I get WAY overwhelmed, but since I've got to start somewhere, I'll show you a dress I made a couple of months ago when it was still warm enough to wear it. I call it the Dinghy dress, on account of it's charming print.

The fabric is a very light cotton denim with a faint red print consisting of nautical themed objects, such as boats, sails and rigging and words:

I got it on one of my second hand store runs in the spring. I paired it with another find:

(I'm looking at the blue one on the left)

My version: 

It does look a little like a 1940's bomb factory worker uniform, so I have to be in a quirky mood to wear it.

I used red buttons and topstitched everything in red. 

The back collar facing is also red and I serged all of the seams in red as well.

The pattern review is here.


  1. Youknow, I at first thought you were calling it a dingy dress- but you really are referring to the boats! I think it's cute- I was about ready to tell you that it was in no way dinge-worthy.

  2. Very cute! I like the red buttons. Totally retro quirky.

  3. Awesome dress! It does have that 40,s feel to it, but I wouldn't call it dingy. Rather, I'd stick with the 1940's factory worker theme and call it the "Rosie the Riviter Rocks!" dress


  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm absolutely in love with this dress. It is fan-tas-tic. It fits like a glove and you did an amazing finishing job finishing on the inside. Congrats!