Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First things first

I give you the Christmas miracle plaid shirt: 

Made with the flannel I got when in San Francisco this summer, it is the most-liked item I've made all year. The fabric is so frickin' awesome. It feels like I'm wearing a blanket all day. 

I used my TNT shirt pattern and remembered too late (already cut the fabric)that the last one I made was still a smidge tight across the back when I have my arms forward so I just made the seam allowance in that area a little smaller and it worked out great, ie: full range of motion for my arms. 

There is a slight bit of pooling at my lower back, but when I stand to the side I don't see it so I'll chalk it up to ease. 

Please disregard the McDonald's bag from 1:30 this morning (we're classy like that). We were starving after our New Year's party, and I swear a quarter-pounder never tasted so frickin' amazing. My dress was a big hit, and was as comfortable as a sheath dress can be (I guess) in that it didn't gape anywhere and I had enough room to move. It was a little tight at the hips when I sat, though I don't think there was any danger of any seams popping. My next post will be all about that dress. I forgot my camera so I'm going to have to make a point of taking pictures in the next day or so. 

Back to the shirt—next time I need to make another revision: the neckline is too big. It's not really a problem since I never wear my shirts done up all the way, but I'd still like to make the revision for any future makes. 

And of course I had to include this:

Happy New Year!


  1. Your shirt turned out great, just reading how you described the fabric as so soft was delicious. Lucky that you could use some of the seam allowance in the back to allow for more room, I hate it when I forget things like that and there's no way to alter without recutting!
    Love the little bird on the back yoke!

  2. It looks SO great and I love the little bird embroidery!
    Rock on!!

  3. Oh, I'm dying for a plaid flannel shirt like that! Yours might feel like a blanket, but it sure don't look like a blanket. The fit is perfect!

  4. It looks great! And super comfy (and you know I'm all about warm and comfy right now, although at least we're out of the deep freeze for a little bit)

    But I confess I really, really want to see how that dress turned out... ;)

  5. A quick turnaround project in plaid? I bow down before you! Love the bias placket, and it does look cuddly and cozy. I hope you are managing to stay warm. With our polar vortex blast this week I can't imagine how one survives a colder climate.

  6. You rock! I LOVE this shirt. The color is YUMMY!