Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Everything in life is free, apparently.

We got robbed. Again.
When we first moved into our house about 5 years ago we came home from a 20 min trip to sign up for a class to find that our house had been broken into. Silly us, we didn't have our alarm system hooked up yet, but you can bet your ass it didn't take us long to do so after that. They got the tv, camera, laptop and case, and the ipod and made a bit of a mess. Thank goodness for insurance. 

This time we got off easier. They broke into our car (thankfully, not breaking any windows – what nice robbers!), nabbed a couple of fm-tuners and the garage door-opener and then grabbed B's bike and a couple of bags of cans going to recycling from the garage (we were parking on the street because we're using the garage to paint baseboards). 

All in all, it could have been worse. Here we are at the scene of the crime:

How cool is my new blazer?

It's popped-collar-cool. 
And pretty much free! The fabric was from a friend and I had thread in my stash—a super easy and quick project.

It's nice to have pictures so I can see where to tweak things in my next attempt (if there is one...probably). The sleeve length could be shortened by about 3/4". 

All of my other changes (detailed in my last post) worked out well, and although i got a pretty good fit in the back, it's still a bit tight when driving so I may make another adjustment there, adding maybe another half inch. 

It looks like I may have almost too much fabric there at this point, so maybe I'll just increase the width on the lining.  

The sleeves hang really nicely, the shoulder seams are in the perfect position, and the shoulder darts are perfect for my "sit-all-day-at-a-computer" posture.

Squinty McSquinterton



  1. That's so frustrating! Our car got broken into earlier this year as well, on the one night where the BF had left his expensive Magic The Gathering cards out there! I hope you're able to get compensated for everything. The blazer is really awesome though; that color is so spring-y! :)

  2. Sorry to hear about the break in. Your blazer looks great!!

  3. Argh! I hate people who steal stuff! :-( Glad that you have good insurance, but hopefully they don't hit up your house next since they have the opener.

    Anyway, great blazer, and I'm impressed by how well you are handling the bright sun in your pictures. I'd have tears streaming down my face and I *definitely* wouldn't be able to smile!

  4. Sorry to hear about the break in, it's an awful feeling knowing that someone has been in your home going through your things.

    Love your jacket, I think a bright blue blazer is a must for every wardrobe! (Well of course I would say that after just having made one too....)

  5. Oh that stinks, people are so rotten! Tho, if I were dishonest and that jacket was unattended

  6. Oh, that sucks! We got robbed when we were on vacation once, not a good feeling. :( and last night someone broke the rear windshield wiper on our car, just because they could. :( boo.

    The blazer, though, looks great! Love the colour. I think you're right about the sleeve length, I wouldn't add more to the back, though (maybe to the lining only, like you said). Definitely popped collar cool!

  7. I know what you are going through. One time, my friends and I went out to a baseball game and we came home to see the garage door open. Someone had stole all of our music equipment. After dealing with the insurance company we were able to get compensated for our loss. It is a horrible feeling to know that someone stole your belongings. I hope you were compensated as well for your belongings. However, the blazer looks nice something my friend would wear.