Saturday, November 9, 2013

How could I ever forget you Halloween?

We moved into our house three years ago (is that right??–maybe a little longer) and met our delightful neighbour cats Junior and Diesel. I was always a "dog person", but after meeting Junior I was a convert to the cat side. In the spring/summer/winter, they are part-time outdoor cats and never fail to visit us for some belly-rubs.

This year, the cats became our inspiration for a ridiculous couples halloween costume (we've done this before).

I thought I had an adult cat costume in my stash, but it turns out the at the sizing was not going to be big enough for B, I could have graded it, but ugh! Too much work. But, there just happened to be a pattern sale on at Fabricland so...

I used Simplicity 2853

I cut a small for me and a medium for B and added about an inch to his sleeve and leg length which was perfect. I have to say that I was pretty sick of sewing these by the end of it. Way more pieces than I usually deal with for a project. I learned this the last time I sewed a jumpsuit costume for Liam but the passage of time makes one forget. You can see my review of this pattern here.

(I'm the one on the right)

Diesel is a bit more elusive.

Didn't spot him? I'll zoom in: 

Sometimes he sits on our step.

Our inspiration:

Too much cat candy for Diesel?

I'm the only one who dresses up at work — my coworkers have come to expect it.
 How can I disappoint them?

I made both costumes out of fleece. I have never been so comfortable.

Or stylish? 

The last time I wore a cat costume was 1979. 
Halloween has always been a big deal for us.

Happy belated halloween!!


  1. Haha, awesome! These costumes might have been a pain, but they were totally worth it--if for no other reasons than the cool photo ops you got. ;-)

    1. Thanks! Halloween is awesome. When else could I get away with rolling around in the front yard in a cat costume while my husband, in another cat costume, takes pictures? Then you get to eat candy...

  2. Those costumes were great! Love the his and hers matching the neighbor's cats costumes.

    1. Thanks Kyle! I was impressed with your pirate workout wear too!

  3. My Mother always thought a lady should own a good trench coat and a good black skirt. I believe a good wardrobe also needs a cat just never know when it will be called upon.

    1. Too true! It was called upon yesterday when it was cold in the house and no blanket would suffice. I should have made an attachable tail.

  4. I love your cat costumes! I was a bumblebee, and made a matching outfit fit my housebunnies, too!

    1. Your bunnies are hilarious. I'm especially in love with the tiny wings!