Sunday, November 24, 2013

I am the Queen of Productive Procrastination

Instead of getting right to my holiday dress sewing I've been procrastinating. This doesn't mean that I haven't been doing anything. On the contrary. I've made myself a busy little bee so I can avoid any fit frustrations that will inevitably come with sewing for myself.

I made another version of NL6095, originally blogged about here, but this time it was a top for myself. There were some fit issues (probably why I'm so reluctant to start the new dress), and I'll probably try it again one size larger and then blog about it.

I made myself another pair of work out shorts. I used this method to copy my all time favourite shorts from Joe Clothing using press and seal wrap. I've used this method a few times to copy clothes of B's to remake so I know they will fit him.
The originals

My new pairs(s)

The pink/grey pair is what I made most recently out of a small amount of ponte knit. The blue pair is the pair I made this past summer out of remnants from my jeggings and my mom's dress. They are the most comfortable work out shorts I own. 

Lastly, I got ahead on my Christmas sewing by using this tutorial from Ikatbag and made three lunch bags for my two nieces and one nephew. They are all now school-aged and also pretty outdoorsy kids so  the "dry sac" idea seemed like a good match. We also won't be in the same city as the kids this year for the holidays, so their gifts needed to be easily packable in their uncle's suitcase so he can deliver them when he gets back to Calgary.

If you are attempting this project for yourself, I might suggest that you make the bag about an inch taller than you first think it should be. I'd also suggest that you use a stiff fabric. I used quilting cotton for the outside layer just because you get the best choice of prints, upholstery fabric samples for the fruit appliques, and black rip stop nylon for the inside. I wanted it to be wipeable, but it didn't need to be waterproof. All fabrics were prewashed and dried in the dryer so they can be laundered the same way. 

The only thing left to do is get to pattern tracing for my own projects. I've decided that I'm going to make both Simplicity 1654 for New Year's and the peplum top for my work Christmas party. It's liable to be a zillion degrees below zero, so I'll just stick to pants for that one. 


  1. If you're the queen of procrastination then I'm the queen's mother because I'm pretty good at sewing something other than what I should be too! At least it's productive as you point out...

  2. Making your own workout clothes is so boring and yet so rewarding. I've still got a few RTW pieces hanging on in my fitness wardrobe; I need to just go ahead and replace them with custom.

    The lunch bags are adorable!