Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's a win-win situation

I had an EXTREMELY good night sewing yesterday. I came home from my workout to find that my new vogue pattern had arrived in the mail. After that SOB pattern on the weekend, I really needed a win, and I'm pleased to say that I got it with Vogue 1209.

I opened the envelope and started reading the measurements and became very worried. My measurements are quite a bit off from the pattern envelope, but I held my breath and cut out a 10 which is my usual size in the top and sometimes bottom. It turns out Vogue lies, or the dress is very forgiving because I only have to make a few adjustments!!

1. As you may be able to tell, I'm taking in the front 5/8" from either side which will keep it on my shoulders, and I think is essentially my small bust adjustment.

2. I'm adding to the length about 2.5" plus hem allowance.

3. Adding to the peblum length about 1 1/2". I'm not sure about this one. I want it to stay in proportion, but I'll see when it's together. I should be able to chop it off if I need to fairly easily.

4. letting out the side seams about a 1/4 " on both sides. It was a tad snug, and I'd like to be able to eat in it.

I'm making it up in a great red with a slight textured tiny stripey weave. Not even sure what to call it, but it had the right drape, I can wash it, and I liked the colour. The lining is slightly brighter and more pinky.
I'm looking forward to accessorizing this one because the neck is so plain, and it's in a solid colour. I'm thinking statement necklace – which I've never done before, so I'm going to look at LeChateau to see what I can find. I'd love to find something vintage, but the goal here is to wear it at a wedding the first weekend of October (Canadian Thanksgiving), and I've got a lot on my plate before that.

Anyway, I'm going to try to make the adjustments to the pattern tonight, and possibly cut out my material if there's time.

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