Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Sew the Pants day!

BWOF 4/2008 #106

(Pic here)

I've made my muslin – and it fits right off the bat! The pocket and the back seams don't match up, which I checked on the pattern, and they don't match there either. There's a little more stretch in both directions in my good fabric, so I'm hoping to take in the sides a smidge and/or ease that area to correct the problem.

The muslin and I also had a misunderstanding a couple of nights ago that ended in me cutting the waist down two inches. It turns out that I had just assumed that the pants had a waistband and completely overlooked that it had waist facings instead (insert hand smacking forehead here).

I can't handle any waistband being too close to my bellybutton. I've got what I like to call an "athletic build" (broad shoulders, small bust, thick waist and "muscular" butt/theighs) and look much curvier in a low rise. I'd given up on any pants pattern resembling an actual rtw "low cut", resolving to figure out that alteration and try to redraft the waistband to match. I had done this (resulting in my cut muslin), but thankfully realized before I cut the alterations into my pattern pieces that it was unnecessary.

After measuring the front and back crotch length against my most favorite of all jeans (the infamous Gap long and lean jeans that Oprah recommended before they changed the cut and ruined them forever!) and finding it the same (yay), I decided to go ahead and cut the pattern unchanged. I'm planning on making a tunic-style top to wear with these pants, so even if they do end up being a little more high waisted than I like,  I will still be okay wearing them.

It's January 15th in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, and it FINALLY snowed last night (a lot! Like, 6 inches), so I'm not going to kickboxing, instead opting to work out at home and then SEW THOSE PANTS!!! I'm really looking forward to not leaving the house today, and I think I can actually get the pants mostly done now that I have the Sandra Betzina fly insertion video in my in my sewing arsenal.

Pics and a review to follow soon???
Enjoy your Sunday!

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