Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My dress Picks for Trena (The Slapdash Sewist)

I have been a fan of Trena's for quite a while now. I really enjoy her blog, and her and Cidell's pod cast has made my many one-day round trips to Edmonton entirely entertaining. I've learned a lot from her, as we have similar body issues (broad back and small bust).
With this post, I wanted to share with her, and anyone else that loves a comfortable dress, my top picks for comfort and cammouflage.

These are my two favs:

I've made the Burda twice. The first time out of a shimmery white/muli-coloured knit. I can't find the picture of me wearing it, but it was a bit low in the neckline for me and I ended up giving it to a much curvier friend who filled out the top a little more. The second time, I raised the shoulders about a half and inch to fix the chest-gape problem, and I changed the skirt to an A-line and added gores. I made it up in a blue knit with a light tan stripe (a gift of unwanted fabric from my mother-in-law). I barely had enough and had to piece together the back gore. The stripes are extremely flattering and I may as well go ahead and call this my eatin' dress, because I never have to worry about sucking in—it is almost as comfortable as pajamas.


I have gotten many compliments, and love the fact that it basically cost me nothing. 

Dress number two, I've made recently for a wedding on Thanksgiving. It's the Rachel Comey dress Voge 1209. I've yet to review it on Pattern Review, or take a decent picture of it. Again, the rouching in the centre is ridiculously flattering, and I didn't have to worry about enjoying that Thanksgiving wedding meal. I made a small bust adjustment which consisted of taking in the CF seam 5/8".

I can't recommend these two dresses enough. Seriously.


  1. Thank you for the recs! I'll pick those up the next time there is a pattern sale. It really is all about the front ruching--side ruching is not enough for me, lol. I am very happy with my back view, it's just the pesky belly...

  2. And I should add that I totally love your directional stripes on the Burda, great eye!

  3. I love your blue stripey dress! You had a really great eye for those stripes. I'm so curious about the Vogue dress. I'd love to see a pic of it on you. I don't know if I can do that peplum in the back because my booty is already ample...

  4. Thanks!
    Re: the Vogue dress—my house is so dark, I can't get a good pic of it indoors, and it's too cold to go outside so I'm waiting to do a proper review. And the peplum—I was also unsure as I'm pear shaped too, but it really flattering. I did add length to it, so that may have helped with the drape.